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Enterprise Risk Management

AJF Professional Services recommends and supports the use of Risk Decisions Predict! Risk Management software in Australia, New Zealand and internationally.


Predict! risk management software improves your enterprise risk management at all levels to ensure your planned business outcomes are achieved successfully. 


Predict! is also ideally suited to managing portfolio, program and project risks, opportunities and issues in accordance with your internal risk management processes.


Risk Decisions has a well-established reputation for helping major corporations and government organisations worldwide achieve improved business performance through embedding best practice risk management and analysis. 


Risk Decisions helps project based companies and government organisations to win bids, successfully meet deadlines, save money, work more efficiently and protect their reputation by using our Predict! risk management software tool on their projects, portfolios and for Enterprise Risk Management.


Risk Decisions delivers risk analysis and management solutions to major companies and government departments across a broad range of sectors, all seeking to manage risks to meet corporate governance obligations, achieve business objectives, or deliver on large capital projects.


Predict! risk management software provides a complete and fully integrated risk management and analysis package:

  • Predict! Risk Controller – get a true enterprise view of risk with a state-of-the-art web-based risk database for identifying, assessing, managing and reporting on risks, opportunities, issues and mitigation strategies.

  • Predict! Risk Analyser – set realistic budgets, know how much contingency you need, and find the real likelihood of meeting your cost and schedule targets with the leading risk and uncertainty analysis tool.

  • Predict! Risk Controller Lite – make risk management easy with this Microsoft Excel interface to Predict! Risk Controller.

  • Predict! Risk Intelligence - an easy to use web-based reporting tool that allows you to build, share and interrogate interactive reports.

  • Predict! Connect - extracts data out of Predict! Risk Controller for use with corporate reporting tools (e.g. SAP Business Objects, SAP Crystal Reports, Microsoft Reporting Services, SharePoint).


To find out more about Predict! Software call Andrew on +61 408 466 276 or email at


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