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TenderWin Services:

AJF Professional Services can guide you and your staff through a whole tender process including the development of a winning tender, and further coach and train your tender team to ensure that you have a reliable and robust model to use for future tenders and bids.


AJF Professional Services is a professional tender winning and bid management consultancy, highly experienced in the processes and procedures involved in bidding and tendering to private and government bodies and procurement agencies. Current and past clients include the defence, mining, construction, water infrastructure and services sectors, both within Australia and internationally.

AJFPS can both prepare your tender and manage your complete tendering process if you require that service.


AJFPS will create compelling executive summaries and project plans that fully describe your competencies and capabilities that best address the contract requirements of your client.


We help you answer the key tender evaluators’ questions of:

  • Why Us?  Why should they choose your company?

  • Why Not Them?  Why they should not choose your competitor?

  • So What?  What benefits they get from choosing your team, services and products?.

  • How So?  Show the evaluators how you plan to perform the contract at hand.


The answering of these key questions AND delivering a competitively priced and compliant tender response EVERY time will increase your tender win ratio and improve your business outcomes.


Experienced AJFPS professionals can assist you in understanding and developing:

  • Key Win Themes needed to win the tender AND meet your client’s needs and wants,

  • The TenderWin Plan – how you are going to fully meet the tender authority’s needs,

  • A Compelling Executive Summary and key related and consistent bid document(s) narrative, that is consistent with your whole tender, and with supporting objective evidence of your capability to undertake the project at hand.

  • Value Adding Services that demonstrates to the tender evaluation team that you can both meet their immediate project needs AND deliver other benefits to their organisation.


AJFPS consultants can guide you and your staff through the whole tender process to develop a winning tender, and coach and train your tender team to ensure that you have a reliable and robust model to use for future tenders and bids.


We have developed an AJFPS Tender and Proposal Handbook that can be adapted to your company to be followed in future business development and tendering activities.


AJFPS also offers training and coaching workshops suitable for your company’s internal bid team with the mission of honing their skills and understanding of the bid and tendering processes.


 AJF Professional Services will have your team fully prepared and ready for the next (and future) “must win” project with your key clients.


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